How to Design Bi fold and 3 Fold Brochures

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Published: 18th December 2012
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Brochures are one of the most appealing means of advertising your product and may come in bi-fold and tri fold brochures design.You can choose between a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure, which are both more or less the same thing and made out of a single sheet. The only difference being that, while the former is folded in halves and printed on both sides, tri-fold brochures are folded equally thrice and are printed on two sides. Hence once you know the technique of making a bifold brochure, you will find creating 3 fold brochures an easy task. Here are the steps to make bi-fold and tri-fold brochures.

  • Bi-fold brochures are made of paper size 8.5 inches by 11 inches, whereby, the upper cover is the one which should form the most alluring part of it all being the first page which your customerís eyes will be attracted to. The back side of the brochure generally embraces the contact information and address of your business space as well as your phone number, email, company name and logo and other details.

  • In order to make a bi-fold brochure, you require opening a new document within your Desktop Publishing Program, whereby, two pages will have to be created. The first page will be the covers, front and back, while the second page will comprise the inside part of the brochure.

  • After changing your document orientation into the Landscape version, you can create your outer and inner margins by keeping an approximate half inch gap from the center on both sides. Do the same for the top and bottom as well to keep the whole brochure in symmetry and to make it look neat. The whole page too needs to be divided into equal halves, the right side of which will form the front cover and the left side will become the back cover. The next step is to don your creative hat and design the covers making them enticing enough to catch the attention of your clients instantly.

  • The second page of the document needs to be made and designed in the similar way. After this the margins of both the pages are to be deleted.

  • Now all you need to do is print the first page comprising the covers of the brochure and put it back into the tray of the printer in such a way as to print the second page on the other side of the first page which is blank.

  • Your bifold brochure will be ready by simply folding it into halves.

3 fold brochures can be created by simply choosing a Business Brochure template from Microsoft Word and replacing the text and the images with your own.

Whether you are creating bi-fold or tri fold brochures design, it is important to keep in mind certain things while designing them. It is essential to have a quick survey of what your competitors are presenting through their brochures and pamphlets and racking your brains to think of something which is distinctively different in essence from them. Put in all the information in catchy words and headlines without making your tri-fold brochure designs appear cluttered and untidy. Remember, your message must be clear and precise without use of bombastic words or industrial jargons. Finally, last but definitely not the least, pay special attention to the paper quality and the right daubing of colors to lend the magic touch to your bi and 3 fold brochures.

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